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Download AccountGo SaaS Accounting and Billing Tool [Activated] v4.7 v4.7

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AccountGo SaaS is a account management software that facilitates ease in calculation of revenue by keeping a tab on all the accountancy matters of business. Based on Laravel, this accountancy software will make your business operations smooth and convenient. A graphical and tabular representation of various elements will help you make informed decisions for your firm. With a SAAS version create plans using a super admin login.

What to expect from AccountGo SaaS – Accounting and Billing Tool
  • A visually attractive dashboard to understand business activities
  • Restriction on staff permissions
  • Curation of various roles for users by selecting permissions on various modules
  • Availability in multiple languages makes it a tool accessible on global platforms
  • Settings to add currencies according to requirement
  • Creation of constant for Taxes,payment method and other parameters
  • Management of banking by creating accounts, making transfer and managing transactions
  • Creation of Invoices and Bills and management of revenue and payment
  • Creation of detailed list of your products and service offerings
  • Get your payments done with stripe payment gateway
Salient features of AccountGo SaaS – Accounting and Billing Tool
Create plans and get payment- a special SAAS feature
With a super admin login, create plans that are most feasible for your business model. Select an appropriate pricing and duration for created plan. Get payment using stripe payment gateway. The plan would be disabled if not renewed after its expiry.Dashboard
Get an overview of total customers, vendors, invoices and bill along with a numeric charts for Income VS Expenses, Latest income and Expense. Individual Graph representation of cash flow, Income categories, Expense categories and Income- Expense chart will give visual status of various accounting details of business.Assign roles to each staff
Our multi user accounting tool, allows you to assign roles to each of your staff. By managing their permissions gain a control on their access on certain parameters.Customer and Vendors access
Maintain a database of your customers by creating their unique email address. Customers can login and view the status of their invoices and transaction details as and when required. You could maintain the records for their shipping and billing address, thereby facilitating ease in trade. In a similar way, Vendors could access their bills and transactions by assigning them their unique Email address.Banking
Create account

Create new accounts with ease and flexibility by updating information like Account holder name, Bank name, Account number, opening balance and contact number. Edit the essential information as and when required.

Transfer money

Maintain the records and transfer at ease an amount from one account to other through various modes. You could search for particular transfer through easy filtering.

Manage transactions

Easy management of transactions through a detailed list of transactions chart. Search and filter out the transactions by selecting individual accounts.

Manage Invoices

Edit the existing invoices by adding new items/products. Download, print or Resend the invoice through simple click. Send payment reminders and add payments with ease.

Revenue management

Record the newly generated revenue by creating new revenue. Change the source of revenue and add references. Also you could filter the revenue based on account, customer, category and payment methods.

Manage Bills

Edit the existing bills by adding payments. Download, print or Resend the Bill through simple click. Check the status of payments and edit your payment summary.

Payment management

Record the newly generated expense by creating new payments. Change the categories and add references. Also you could filter the revenue based on account, customer, category and payment methods.

Get a duly prepared reports on individual Income and Tax summary. Filter them on basis of Account, category and customers. Also a graphical display of Income VS Expense chart along with a detailed calculation of Profit and Loss will help you make informed decisions. Filter the tax summary and Income VS Expense chart based on financial years.Constant
Create the tab for constant by adding and creating tax rates, categories, Unit, Payment methods. This would facilitate ease in generating invoices and bills.Company settings
Customize your site setting by adding the files of logo and creating the text for title. Create the custom settings for company and Email address. With system settings you could add currencies and determine their location.Available in multiple languages
Add and customize the tool from the list of available languages. It facilitates global usability.

Url : Demo Link
Super Admin : [email protected] / 1234
Company : [email protected] / 1234

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