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xF2 Add-on in Credit [AddonFlare] XF2 Moods 1.1.1

xF2 Add-on
Introducing moods for XF2!

Allow users to set and share their current mood with everyone.

Add mood images by uploading, URL, or selecting an image from the gallery.
Quick setup with gallery import to import all moods from a directory.

Note: Mood images used in screenshots are only used as an example and are not included, they are owned by Shelley (

At a glance
  • Make your forum more fun and interactive
  • Offer as a perk to incentivize paid upgrades
  • Quick and Easy setup
  • Give your users something to talk about
More features
  • Create new moods (upload image, gallery image, or URL)
  • Gallery import
  • Lightweight code with no additional queries
  • Users can set their mood from any page without having to reload the page (via AJAX)
  • User group permissions for who is allowed to set their mood
  • Show moods in postbit (multiple locations or custom)
  • Show moods in user profile & user tooltip
  • Set the default mood for new users
  • Auto sort moods by title
  • Show mood changer in visitor menu or as an icon (next to the alerts bell)

Import from gallery instructions:
  • After installing the add-on, upload all the images you want to import to this directory: /data/addonflare/moods/gallery
  • Go to AdminCP -> Moods -> List all moods -> Gallery import (top right in dropdown menu)
  • Click "Proceed" and enjoy!
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