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    Feature List :​

    • Stream/Publish to Adobe FMS, WOWZA, RED5, Evostream
    • Ability to Integrate with CDN(RTMP) : YouTube, Livestream, Justin TV, DaCast, Ustream, Amazon, Akamai etc.
    • Seamless Playback Of Media Files Supports Almost All Popular Media File Formats.
    • Scheduling of Individual Playlist Item. Complete Filler Management (Time Slot Based) Export/Import Playlists
    • Live Video Input (Time Based & As Playlist Item) & Input From Multiple Source
    • Ultra Smooth Multi Lingual, Multi-Faced, Multi-Colour Font In Ticker, Scroll Or crawl.
    • RSS Based News Scroll (Ticker) Import Twitter Tweets or Facebook Status Updates in Ticker.
    • Time Based Graphics Overlay
    • Weather Info (Live & Dynamic With Weather Icons)
    • Accurate Frame Based (Spot Marker For Commercials)
    • Advertisement Insertion as Single, Time-Slot Basis Spots
    • Breaking News Graphics
    • Sponsor Logos (Schedule Based )
    • Graphics for Squeeze Adverts L-Shape, U-Shape or any
    • Now Showing & Coming UP Next( Dynamic Text ) from Program Name
    • Quick and easily generate Custom & Detailed Reports for any Date Range for Sponsors and Advertisers in various formats like pdf, rtf, csv or xls
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