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Whmcs in Credit Advanced Billing For WHMCS V3.6.2 V3.6.2

Whmcs in Credit
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Advanced Billing For WHMCS will allow you to dynamically bill your clients for the actual usage of such server resources as disk space, bandwidth or CPU. The module will also automatically generate and deliver invoices to customers in a preferred manner. As a result, not only will your clients pay only for the resources they have consumed, you will charge them whenever and however you wish!
Equipped with multi-currency support, the module provides a variety of billing variants, including hourly and ticket billing, resource usage billing, credit and prepaid billing, fixed pricing or even entirely modifiable recurring billing. You will be able to adjust all basic invoicing properties, as well as define supplemental features, such as the minimum charge for invoices to be generated. At the same time, your customers will be allowed to create multiple email reminders about reaching or exceeding the specified limits of resources. Additionally, both you and your clientele will be welcome to view and customize dynamic graphs showing the consumption of resources for each service.
What is more, Advanced Billing For WHMCS supports nearly 20 renowned modules, including cPanel, Plesk, Proxmox and SolusVM – both those built in WHMCS, and created by ModulesGarden! If installed together with
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extension, our module will let you automatically upgrade or downgrade products along with configurable options based on the used server resources.
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, in a like manner, will boost the server scaling possibilities offered to all users of
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Fully automated in all respects, plus freely customizable billing and invoicing in WHMCS – seems unreal? Not with our Advanced Billing For WHMCS! Start charging your clients for nothing but the resources they have really used and let our module handle everything else!


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    • Hourly Billing For Any WHMCS Module
    • Ticket Billing
    • Configure Billing Per Product
    • Manage Extensions And Configure Them Per Product
    • View Current List Of Billable Items For Next Invoices
    • View Resource Usage History Of Any Item
    • Manage Awaiting Invoices And Convert Them To Invoices
    • Define Time Period Between Resource Usage Checks
    • Define Whether To Store Logs In Files Or Database
    • Define Number Of Days To Pass To Clear Log Records
    • View Logs
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