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xF2 Add-on in Credit [Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.7.9 1.7.9

xF2 Add-on
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[Andrew] Moderator Panel provides moderators enhanced visibility into user behavior and additional moderator features. The thought is that by providing better visibility to warnings, reports, thread bans, and ignores, moderators will be able to identify problem users faster and will rely less in impulse when making decisions on users. All features are permission controlled and can be enabled or disabled.


  • User file, similar to a criminal profile, this displays key metrics about an user all in one place. The user file can be accessed by either selecting user file from the member card dropdown or by searching for the user in the moderator panel. The follow is displayed within the user file:
    • Current ban
    • Warnings
    • Reports
    • Thread bans
    • Ignored by
    • IP Addresses
    • Change log
  • Require moderators to have "ban protected users" permission to ban users in a protected usergroup
    • This can be used to prevent moderators from banning users that more senior staff should be involved in banning
    • Can be enabled or disabled
  • Require moderators to enter a reason for banning an user
    • This benefits site staff who may not understand why an user was banned
    • Can be enabled or disabled
  • User data (reporting)
    • Banned users
    • Thread ban list
    • Recently registered users
    • Most warned users
    • Most reported users
    • Most ignored users
  • Logs
    • Moderator log - same from admin panel
    • User change log - same from admin panel
  • Reports and Approval queue will display the moderator sidebar
Admin Options:

  • Add link to moderator panel
    • Adds links to the moderator menu
  • Enable protected users
  • Protected usergroup
  • Require reason to ban

  • View moderator panel
  • View IP addresses
  • Ban protected users
  • Search users
  • View banned users list
  • View thread bans
  • View recently registered users
  • View warned users
  • View reported users
  • View ignored users
  • View moderator log
  • View change log

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