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Converts all hot linked images to attachments.

The Convert image all add-on will convert hot linked images in messages to attachments. Hot linked images are those images that have been inserted using the Image icon in the editor toolbar.

  • Images resizing is done with ImageMagick for best quality.
  • Images resized to maximum width and height settings in Admin Control Panel.
  • Setting for inserting full-size or thumbnail attachments.
  • Setting for temporary image path.
  • Setting for optional log file.
  • Links surrounding attachments automatically removed.

This add-on requires ImageMagick PECL extension to be enabled. Make sure the following is checked:

Admin control panel -> Setup -> Options -> Attachments -> Default Image Processor -> ImageMagick PECL extension
If you're not able to select ImageMagick PECL extension, contact your web host and ask them to install it.

Maximum attachment image dimensions

Although the screenshot below says you can use 0 or blank, this add-on requires you to use a positive value for the Maximum attachment image dimensions settings. I suggest using 1600 x 1600.

Admin control panel -> Setup -> Options -> Attachments -> Maximum attachment image dimensions

Latest updates

  1. AndyB - Convert image all 5.3

    Convert image all v5.3 changes: Attachment tables xf_attachment and xf_attachment_data are now...
  2. AndyB Convert image all 5.2

    Convert image all v5.2 changes: Fixed issue when multiple IMG tags were on the same line.
  3. AndyB - Convert image all 5.1

    Convert image all v5.1 changes: Now supports $config['http']['proxy'] function.
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