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xF2 Add-on
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Converts media gallery tags to attach tags.

When the gallery embed button (camera icon) is used to insert images into a post, by default these tags are inserted as media tags. The problem with this approach is that when viewing a thread and clicking on an image which has been linked to media gallery, the image is opened in media gallery instead of a lightbox. This add-on converts media tags to attach tags so the user always remains in the thread and clicking an image always open in a lightbox.

(Example of media gallery tag)

Question and Answers:

Q: Are media gallery attachments reused?
A: No. Each post attachment is saved separately which ensures that if the media gallery attachment is deleted the attachment in the post remains.

Latest updates

  1. AndyB Convert image media gallery 1.2

    Convert image media gallery v1.2 changes: Updated abstracted file system code.
  2. AndyB Convert image media gallery 1.1

    Convert image media gallery v1.1 changes: Code now only runs if post message is new or edited.

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