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xF2 Add-on in Credit AndyB Country flag select 1.4 1.4

xF2 Add-on
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Allows members to select their country flag.

(Example of country flag)

  • Members can choose their country flag.
  • All phrases start with countryflagselect_ for your convenience.
Setup step 1:

Create a /misc directory in your web root.

Setup step 2:

Copy the flags directory from the add-on directory to the /misc directory.

Example: https://domain.com/misc/flags

Setup step 3:

Go to the Options page and enter the URL and Path.

Setup step 4:

Go to the Style properties and select Custom fields:

Admin control panel -> Appearance -> Style properties -> Messages -> Message user info elements -> Custom fields

Database changes:

A new field called andy_county_flag_select is added to your xf_user table.

Questions and answers:

Q: Will the country flag show automatically for each member?
A: No. Members must choose their country flag for it to be displayed.

Q: When I hover the flag with my mouse, the country name is displayed in English, can I phrase this to show the country in another language?
A: No.

Q: Can I add my own flags?
A: Yes. Simply copy any 32x32 PNG image to the flags directory.

Q: Can I easily see which members have selected their country flag?
A: Yes. Just add countryflagselect/list to your forum URL.

Latest updates

  1. AndyB Country flag select 1.4

    Country flag select v1.4 changes: Removed Path in options page. The URL setting in the options...
  2. Country flag select 1.3

    Country flag select v1.3 changes: Updated option description.
  3. AndyB Country flag select 1.1

    Country flag select v1.1 changes: Added 'Select' user group permission.
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