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xF2 Add-on in Credit AndyB Country restricted page 1.1 1.1

xF2 Add-on
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Allows page access only to countries specified in options page.

(Example of Options page)


All phrases start with countryrestrictedpage_ for your convenience.


  1. Navigate to https://ipstack.com/signup/free and sign up for their free plan.
  2. Enter access key into options page.
  3. Enter Allowed country codes into options page.
  4. Enter Node ID into options page.
Questions and answers:

Q: How can I get the Node ID?
A: Go to the following location:

Admin control panel -> Forums-> Nodes

Hover over Page title, you will see the Node ID in the URL shown at the bottom of the browser.

Latest updates

  1. Country restricted page 1.1

    Country restricted page v1.1 changes: Now using ipapi.co for country lookup.
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