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xF2 Add-on
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Creates a conversation when a members account upgrade has expired.

This add-on automatically runs once a month and will create a conversation reminding the member their account upgrade has expired.

(Example of conversation)


  • Conversations are created automatically via Cron entry.
  • All phrases start with userupgradeexpired_ for your convenience.

Update the options page with your Account upgrades link, Starter username and be sure to Exclude user groups.

Questions and Answers:

Q: When does the add-on run?
A: It runs once a month and checks for any user upgrades which have expired within the past 31 days.

Q: How many time will the member get these reminder conversations?
A: By default just once. If you wish to send for more months, increase the Expired days value in the options page. For example set to 62 days if you want to remond the member twice.

Q: Can run the Cron entry manually?
A: Yes. For example if you want to send to all members which have expired account upgrades with the past year, set the Expired days to 365 and run the cron entry manually. Be sure to set the Expired days back to 31 after you are done.

Q: Will an email also be sent?
A: Yes if the member has "Receive email when a new conversation message is received" selected in their preferences.

Latest updates

  1. AndyB User upgrade expired reminder 1.2

    User upgrade expired reminder v1.2 changes: The conversation message now shows account upgrade...
  2. AndyB User upgrade expired reminder 1.1

    User upgrade expired reminder v1.1 changes: Remove unneeded "Exclude user groups" in options page

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