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xF2 Add-on in Credit Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.29 2.2.29

xF2 Add-on
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What is AMS?

AMS (Article Management System) is an article system that uses the same framework as the Showcase plugin.

AMS contains many Showcase functions and, of course, its own “chips”:

  • Nested Categories
  • Full rights control for categories
  • Additional fields for articles
  • Additional fields for reviews
  • Prefixes
  • Tags
  • Search for additional article fields
  • Many settings (over 500 settings available)
  • Various layouts for displaying articles and the ability to create your own layouts
  • Full integration with the XenForo core (search, navigation, sessions, likes, profile, spam cleaning, complaints, moderation, alerts, emails, tracking, etc.)
  • There is full integration with the CTA FT Portal, XFMG and [bd] widget Framework.
  • And a huge number of other functions

Latest updates

  1. Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.29

    Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.29 (Stable/Supported)
  2. Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.27

    Article Management System AMS) 2.2.27 (Stable
  3. Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.26

    Article Management System (AMS) 2.2.26 Stable
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