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Download Brizy Pro - WordPress Builder Plugin v2.4.0 Nulled v2.4.0

= v2.4.0 - 2022-05-18 =
* New: Added dynamic text population method in the Line element
* New: Added Icons for Switcher element
* New: Added Rating scale option 5 and 10
* New: Added scroll animation Effects funtionality
* New: Added reorder to Gallery element
* New: Added reorder to Timeline element
* New: Added reorder to Playlist element
* New: Added support for placeholders in email templates
* New: Added new Sale element for the WooCommerce builder
* Improved: WooCart variable products label styling
* Improved: Can change name for All tag in Posts element
* Improved: Removed max depth limit for the Menu element
* Improved: Multi tabs for the Facebook element
* Improved: WooCart styling improvements
* Improved: WooAtributes made title come from backend
* Fixed: Hover option for filters on Header and Footer elements
* Fixed: Fonts in the Menu element when you have Twenty Twenty-One WP theme activated
* Fixed: Lottie resize dots
* Fixed: White label default links for Twitter and Facebook
* Fixed: Mobile Menu text when empty
* Fixed: Added horizontal scroll for Table element in responsive views
* Fixed: Hide additional info about the product if there is no data
* Fixed: Editor product gallery
* Fixed: Added all tags in post tag loop
* Fixed: Compiler returns empty array on page styles and scripts
= v2.3.28 - 2022-04-21 =
* Fixed: Headers Dividers
* Fixed: Footer Dividers
= v2.3.26 - 2022-03-10 =
* New: Show progress on story when autoplay is on
* Updated: Removed loop from story
* Fixed: Disabled Lottie link for responsive
* Fixed: Background image for Header blocks with Sticky option on
* Fixed: Posts include and exclude select
= v2.3.25 - 2022-03-02 =
* New: Add links to any slide in Stories
* New: Auto slide option for Stories
* Fixed: Prefetching fonts in white label Agency and Reseller plans
* Fixed: Reset password
* Fixed: Added hover state on Back to Login and Register links in the Login element
* Fixed: Loop for VideoPlaylist element
= v2.3.24 - 2022-02-09 =
* New: Stories - added Lottie render option
* Fixed: Timeline element - element spacing bug on mobile
* Fixed: Timeline element - line and border display issues
* Fixed: Buttons and Icons - custom class, ID population
* Fixed: Playlist element - cover image not working
= v2.3.22 - 2022-02-03
* Fixed: Saves scripts relative to the plugin main folder
* Fixed: Get license key in the multisite environments
= v2.3.21 - 2022-01-17 =
* Fixed: Color and align for text element
= v2.3.20 - 2022-01-14 =
* Fixed: Load One Site License admin notice only on multisite
= v2.3.19 - 2022-01-10 =
* New: Added spacing for text in timeline
* Fixed: Do not opened PromptConditions when make it global on a simple page
* Fixed: Image toolbar with dynamic content
* Fixed: Sanitize the white label prefix
* Fixed: WPML Menu switcher is missing from Brizy pages
= v2.3.18 - 2021-12-20 =
* New: Archive for title and excerpt
* Fixed: Text gradient in safari