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    Whmcs VIP Client Area Popup For WHMCS v1.3.1 NULLED v1.3.1

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    latest version 1.2.1 nulled and work on whmcs 7.7.1

    the latest version 1.2.1 Work on Whmcs 7.7.1 Download

    Client Area Popup For WHMCS
    is a must-have module that will let you compose customizable pop-ups visible across your client area. You will be allowed to place a series of rules applicable to the appearance, display and the target audience of each notification.

    Pop-up recipients can be precisely defined through selecting the required user groups, languages, or even products. Together with it, you will be able to determine the exact period of message availability – pop-ups can be displayed e.g. on particular days of the week, or only if a visitor stays long enough on your website. The module will also allow you to limit the access to notifications to specific pages of client area only. Every pop-up you create can take the form of a text, HTML or an image. Additionally, you may choose from 26 predefined styles or generate your own ones to further personalize its design. If permitted, your customers will be free to turn off each pop-up once familiar with the message or the content is simply not relevant.

    Still wondering? Add exquisite creativity to your grand disclosures with Client Area Popup For WHMCS and spread your news like wildfire!

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      • Create Pop-ups Using Predefined Styles
      • Preview Pop-up With Single Click
      • Archive Pop-ups For Later Use
      • View Pop-up Restrictions
      • View Number of Pop-up Displays
      • View Pop-up Delay Time
      • View Pop-up Status
      • Create Styles To Be Used By Pop-up
      • Preview Style With Single Click

    Latest updates

    1. Client Area Popup For WHMCS v1.3.1 NULLED

      v1.3.1 Released: Jul 6th, 2021 NEW FEATURE WHMCS V8.2 support REMOVED Support for PHP 7.1...

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