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  • ADDED The option to prepend a servers username to a package name during the provisioning process.
  • ADDED A new translation pack for Mexican Spanish.
  • ADDED "Auto-Renew Ticket Assign To" setting for "Auto-Renew Domain"
  • ADDED The ability to override and set the 'From' address when sending out any emails.
  • ADDED The ability to auto-install applications during the order process, via Softaculous.
  • ADDED A shortcut to 'My Notes' in the admin profile drop down menu.
  • ADDED The ability to cancel orders from the pending order list.
  • ADDED An upgrade / downgrade function enabling clients and admins to adjust packages automatically.
  • ADDED The tag [DIRECTPAYMENTLINK] has been made available to the 'Additional Notes for Invoices' field.
  • ADDED The available Credit Balance in the Apply My Credit button for clients.
  • ADDED A new filter to the invoices list to show Paid Invoices
  • ADDED SSL Certificates will now be stored and made available in the client area if available.
  • ADDED The ability to use percentage based coupon codes in prorated orders.
  • ADDED The ability to trigger an internal support ticket if all servers are full and a provisioning order is unable to be allocated to a server.
  • ADDED TLD lookup support for .ke, .mobi.ke, me.ke and info.ke TLDs when not using a registrar.
  • ADDED A new setting to DomainNameAPI for default name servers.
  • ADDED A new setting in the Authorize.Net CIM payment plugin to "Disable validate client Authnet CIM payment profile". Select YES if you want to avoid Authorize.Net CIM to validate the client Authnet CIM payment profile on every transaction. This will also stop Authorize.Net CIM sending some emails about validation transactions.
  • ADDED The ability for a staff member to login to a client's SolusVM Panel.
  • ADDED Test connection functionality to DirectAdmin
  • ADDED ApisCP Server Plugin.
  • ADDED GoGetSSL SSLPlugin.
  • ADDED Vultr Server Plugin.
  • ADDED Reseller support to Interworx
  • ADDED A new service to automate package upgrades or downgrades
  • IMPROVED When parsing a pop3 email, do not use the Delivered-To header, as this could be an internal email address
  • IMPROVED When importing TLDs, set the sign up order incrementally
  • IMPROVED Domains list to properly show expiration date, and renewal date
  • IMPROVED "Routing Filters" to their own view (Settings -> Support -> Spam Filters)
  • IMPROVED Domain List and SSL List under Accounts menu to use the recurring fee next due date when there is no correct plugin date on the database to show. Also, filters related to the expiration date also use that date when required
  • IMPROVED Get Product API response to include a signup_price key, which takes into account any automatic coupon
  • IMPROVED Credit Card viewing to a RichHTML window
  • IMPROVED Tax rates now display a properly formatted percentage value
  • IMPROVED CannedResponse Model to not use Zend
  • IMPROVED Ensure that the "View/Send Transfer Key" permission is properly checked on client side
  • IMPROVED Ensure that the EPP Code shows on Domain Information tab for transfers that have not completed or started
  • IMPROVED Ensure that new lines are properly displayed in a server's status message on client dashboard
  • IMPROVED The way a package is allocated to a server at sign up, to pick the least full available server
  • IMPROVED How billing cycles based on years are compared against billing cycles based on days
  • IMPROVED DomainNameAPI Plugin to force SOAP connection type
  • IMPROVED Authorize.Net plugin to round the amount to 2 decimals, to avoid issues about a difference of 1 cent when paying
  • IMPROVED When cancelling a PayPal Subscription, if it fails due to the subscription code is not found, assume it was already canceled and remove the subscription id from the recurring fees and unpaid invoices
  • IMPROVED Ensure DomainNameAPI shows Supported Features
  • IMPROVED eNom plugin to use https when using test server
  • IMPROVED The domain updater service to continue processing domains during a connection issue, and report which domains had the connection issue in the summary email
  • IMPROVED Joker.com registrar plugin from Joker.com Developers
  • IMPROVED Stripe Checkout to work with Stripe API 2020-08-27 no longer sending display_items
  • FIXED Issue with "groups" being a reserved keyword in MySQL 8.0
  • FIXED Issue with Ticket-ReplyByAdmin and Ticket-ReplyByCustomer events not triggering properly for emails
  • FIXED Issue with an update query failing when updating/adding addons to products
  • FIXED Issue with admin domain name name servers and host records tab locking up on admin side
  • FIXED Issue with calculation of invoice totals when there is a percentage discount
  • FIXED Issue with admin invoice list showing all invoices when on a client's profile invoice list
  • FIXED Issue that was allowing duplicated transactions with PayPal
  • FIXED Ticket Totals report, to properly work with different date formats
  • FIXED Issue sending duplicated emails when a client used the same email but with different uppercase or lowercase characters in the email address
  • FIXED countable warning in EmailGateway.php
  • FIXED DataTables error alert when trying to sort with next due date on client side products list
  • FIXED Issue with always showing default style for product when accessing order.php with no params
  • FIXED Issue with always displaying saved percentage on compare style, even if the setting is off
  • FIXED Styling issue with compare style and pricing list
  • FIXED TLD lookup for: .ac.ke, .co.ke, .go.ke, .ne.ke, .or.ke, and .sc.ke when not using a registrar
  • FIXED Issue when look ups if there is a trailing space in the name
  • FIXED Display issue with transfer check list
  • FIXED Issue with compare sign up style not showing the proper price when sending the payment term in the URL
  • FIXED TLD lookup for .ie when not using a registrar
  • FIXED Issue with the 'Continue' button not being disabled on signup default style when a product is out of stock
  • FIXED Issue with Name.com and premium domains
  • FIXED Issue with sending name servers when registering a domain with NameSilo
  • FIXED Issue with NameSilo Plugin canceling domains with domain updater service, when the IP is not allowed to connect to API
  • REMOVED Obsolete HipChat Status Updater Service
  • REMOVED Obsolete WHMPHP Server Plugin
  • REMOVED Obsolete BuycPanel Plugin
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