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    cPanel Extended For WHMCS is a fully fledged module that automates the complete provisioning flow and enables careful management of web hosting accounts by relocating the bulk of essential cPanel features directly into your WHMCS.

    Your clients will be supplied with an all-inclusive equipment to remotely control FTP accounts, domains, email accounts, mailing lists, databases, backups and SSL certificates, executing basic actions on as many components as required at one go. Using the inbuilt application installer of either Softaculous or Installatron, customers will easily add, edit, delete, back up and restore hundreds of web applications. What is more, they will have a free choice of apps they would like to be installed automatically upon creation of their cPanel accounts.

    The time-saving appeal of cPanel Extended For WHMCS lies in allowing you to set up ready-made products in your system and configure them in the exact same way as your cPanel Packages. You will precisely tailor the scope of tools available to your clients, as well as limit the resources any single of them can consume with CloudLinux. The close integration with
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    is a noteworthy addition, because with it, your customers will be able to perform all sorts of actions on their WordPress instances and plugins straight from within the account management panel in the client area.

    Time to pick a product that clearly tells your audience that they have reached the undisputed leaders in the web hosting field. Time for the innovative flair of cPanel Extended For WHMCS!


    Admin Area
    • Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Account
    • Change Package And Account Password
    • Log In To Each cPanel Account On Click
    • Log In To WHM Panel On Click
    • Automatically Unban Client IP Address Upon Logging In
    • Configure Client Area Features And Template Per Product
    • Configure Email Accounts Quota Limitations
    • Configure Resource Limits Per Product
    • Enable And Configure Application Auto Installer To Use Per Product - Softaculous Or Installatron
    • View All cPanel And cPanel Extended Products And Servers In One Place
    • Define CloudLinux Configuration Per Product:
      • Operations Per Second
      • PHP Version
      • Resource Limits
      • Virtual Memory
    Client Area
    • Remote Access And Management Of:
      • Addon Domains
      • Applications And Their Backups
      • Autoresponders
      • Backups - Manual And Automatic
      • Cron Jobs
      • Disk Usage
      • Domain Aliases
      • Domain Redirects
      • Email Accounts
      • Email Deliverability
      • Email Forwarders
      • Files Manager
      • FTP Accounts
      • JetBackup
      • Mailing Lists
      • Metrics: Latest Visitors, Webalizer, Analog Stats, AWStats
      • ModSecurity
      • MySQL Databases
      • MX Entries
      • PHP Version
      • PostgreSQL Databases
      • Remote MySQL
      • Subdomains
      • SSL/TLS Management
      • SSH Access
      • Unban IP Addresses
      • User Manager
      • WordPress Manager - Separate Module Required
    • One Click Login To:
      • cPanel
      • File Manager
      • phpMyAdmin
      • RVSiteBuilder
      • Webmail
    • Change Account Password
    • Perform Bulk Actions
    Application Auto Installer
    • Ordering Process:
      • Auto Install Chosen Application After Account Creation
      • Auto Install Application Chosen By Client During Order - With Configurable Options
      • Allow Custom Settings Of Auto Installed Application - With Custom Fields
    • Client Area:
      • Install New Applications With Softaculous Or Installatron
      • View And Manage Installed Applications
      • Create Clones Of Installed Applications - Softaculous Auto Installer
      • Create And Push To Live Staging Instances Of Installed Applications - Softaculous Auto Installer
      • Backup Installed Applications
      • Perform Auto Backups On Application Updates By Softaculous Or Installatron
      • View And Manage Created Backups
      • Restore Applications From Backups
      • Delete Applications Along With Their Backups

    Latest updates

    1. cPanel Extended For WHMCS v3.15.1 Nulled

      Download cPanel Extended For WHMCS V7 v3.15.1 Nulled Free v3.15.1 Released: Jul 13th, 2023...
    2. cPanel Extended For WHMCS - V3.13.0 NULLED

      v3.13.0 Released: Jul 7th, 2021 NEW FEATURE Restored native integration with the latest version...
    3. v3.12.0

      NEW FEATURE DNS Zone Editor - allow clients to manage their DNS zones and records of cPanel...

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