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Download Crack plesk 9.5.5 for Windows Server 2003 9.5.5

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- This crack works well on windows server 2003 32bit. Therefore, if you are using this OS, you can use this crack version.

- Link to download plesk 9.5.5 :
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- You do the following:
1. You run the install plesk file again and overwrite it. Just install normally to plesk repair and overwrite the default php_psakey.dll file.
2. Download the license file attached below and log in to the admin and select the License Manager item to update the license for it.
3. When the update is complete, now your plesk has become copyrighted and you can add or delete the domain as you like.
4. Then you can crack again. And note that when adding the domain, you should skip the sitebuilder part.

Good luck.
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