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    xF2 Add-on
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    Dice Manager for XenForo 2. During Development I upgraded to XF 2.2 so I also used some of the new assets from XenForo, so that my AddOn is nor running on XenForo below 2.2.

    If you still have the data from my DiceRoller from XF 1 in your Database, it will be upgrading all the stuff.

    What you can do with this AddOn:
    • Create multiple dice. Not only Numbers, you also can create dice with letters, numbers or - if you enabled the multibyte - add emojis to your die.
    • Create rules based on checker classes
    • and finally create a system with will contain one rule and one or more dice, specify if sums should be calculated and when a roll crits.
    • Added deeply into XenForo with Admin Search, Statistics, Help Page, etc.
    See Pictures for more and raise questions of you need more Info.

    I add some Sample Import XML Files for dice, rules and some systems. For the start only english, german will come soon.


    1. Installation​

    As usual, install the AddOn ZIP as you are doing it everytime with uploading manually or inside the Admin CP.
    I recommend to install vie CLI on larger Forums, because the script is altering the user and post table.

    2. Importing​

    Import the Sample dice and other stuff, if you like. You can skip this step if you want to create it all on your own.

    During import please follow this order:
    1. Import dice
    2. impoer rules
    3. import wiresets
    I also placed a demo die in the ZIP File, which can be used on multibyte installations which will be rock paper scissors.

    You maybe need to align the path in the die itselt. Please verify if the preview is working.

    3. Create at least one die​


    In the Asset Upload field, will appear a small preview.

    Tag: The tag is fixed, like it is for custom fields also. But its not shown to the public.
    Title: This will be displayed at several ponts.
    URL to image: If you want to display the die with a special Background image. otherwise a default fallback will be used.
    Values: If you don't wat to have a default die, you can specify the values on the sides. The values can be comma seperated, and the system understands ranges like: 1-3. If the entered values are less than sides, they will be taken multiple times. For Instance if you create a 10 sided die, and you are entering only 5 values, all will be twice on the die. But, this makes no sense. In this case you can just build a 5-sided die. ;)
    Numeric die: Tick this box, if the values on the die are numeric. Only Numeric dice can build sums, can crit and can explode.
    Display order: Yea, you know this.
    Help Page: If you tick this option, this die is visible on the help page. You can use this, if you have too many die, to keep the help page short and clean.
    Die can rolled: If this die is probably replaced by another, but should remain active, tick this. If a die is rolled in the past, and you don't want to use it anymore, but it was used before, use this option to deactivate the die. If you delete it, all old rolls may run into trouble.

    4. Create a rule, if you need.​

    One default "No Rule" is created during install. You can use that for Systems without any special rule.


    Tag and Title, as usual.
    Then select a checker class, short instructions will appear and describe whats possible.
    Then you can create some boundaries for Options which will be placed in the roll interface.
    The description is optional, and can contain some help to instruct the user how to use this options.

    Thats it!

    5. Create at least on Wireset​

    Nor, tear dice and rule together.

    Tag and Title again as usual.
    You can add an optional description. This is used on the help page and in the roll interface. Keep it short.
    You can select now your or an importet rule and allow comments to the roll. e.g. the user can enter the skill he is rolling on.
    You can enter boundaries for the amount of dice per dice. If select more than one dice and choose 1, every die will be rolled.
    Select Sum and Exploding option.
    Choose the dice which can be rolled in this wireset.
    Finally choose crit options and save it.

    6. Check Settings​


    You need to allow at least one location where a roll can be performed. If you disable this for Quickthread and New Thread, the first post of a thread never will have a rolled dice in it. Maybe thats what you want.

    The Sample Dice Setting is only visible in advanced mode.

    7. Forum Settings​

    Now, edit the node, where the users should perform their rolls.


    The Max Amount of Rolls option will coming in one of the next releases. The other options should be self explaining.

    8. User Group Settings​


    Go and set Usergroup Settings. There are also Moderator Settings avaiable. Align them in general and/or on a per Node base.
    Hint: The hidden rolls settings, are planned for the next version.

    9. Align appearance​

    You can style many items in the Style itself to fit it to your needs.


    10. Roll dice!​

    Just go to your Forum in which you activaed the Wiresets and you should see a Button to roll dice.

    Latest updates

    1. [cv6] Dice Roller 2.4.0 Release Candidate

      Install new Core first: [cv6] Core 2.4.0 added importer for XON Dice Roller optimized...
    2. [cv6] Dice Roller 2.2.0

      Changelog: Added: Support for CustomField Chooser: Entity Wireset Implemented the node icon...
    3. 2.1.0 Release Candidate 2

      Fixed Bug if Wireset has no dice enhanced Wireset Settings, to prevent to save a wireset without...

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