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xF2 Add-on
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Compatible XF Versions :
  • fixed (sticky) footer
    • enable fixed footer so the footer will always stay on top and visible
    • make fixed footer wide to it fits the browser an not only the forum width
    • disable fixed footer on mobile if you wish

  • footer icons
    • add icons to footer links
    • choose any Font Awesome icons for links
    • show only icons
    • show only icons just on mobile screen
    • change icon color
    • change icon hover color
    • change icon size

  • footer links
    • add login and/or register link to footer
    • add up to three custom links
    • remove any link in footer

  • footer columns
    • show up to three customizable footer columns (change background, content, title, colors, borders etc.)
    • add text or any other content to footer column
    • disable footer columns on mobile if you wish

  • footer widgets
    • 3 footer widget positions (above footer links, below footer links, above copyright)
    • enable footer widget position in style properties and add any widget you want from the widget page

  • social icons in footer
    • add any social icons to footer as additional 4th column on right footer columns or below them (currently up to 6 icons)
    • change icons
    • change icon color
    • change icon hover color
  • af_sp_wide.png
    61.9 KB · Views: 6
  • af_sp_social.png
    94.3 KB · Views: 6
  • af_sp_widgets.png
    49.1 KB · Views: 6
  • af_sp_columns.png
    99.7 KB · Views: 6
  • af_sp_icons.png
    101 KB · Views: 6
  • af_sp_links.png
    100.5 KB · Views: 6
  • af_sp_fixed.png
    45.2 KB · Views: 6
  • af_options_social.png
    78.4 KB · Views: 6
  • af_widgets_example_with_columns_mobile.png
    90.3 KB · Views: 7
  • af_widgets_example_with_columns.png
    104.2 KB · Views: 6
  • af_columns_social_bottom_customized.png
    96.3 KB · Views: 6
  • af_columns_social_right.png
    51.6 KB · Views: 6
  • af_columns.png
    50.1 KB · Views: 6
  • af_links.png
    12.7 KB · Views: 6
  • af_fixed_footer.gif
    20.9 KB · Views: 6

Latest updates

  1. [cXF] Advanced Footer 2.1.11

    bugfix for RSS icon in footer (code updated)

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