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    xF2 Add-on in Credit [cXF] Top Navigation 1.9.3 1.9.3

    xF2 Add-on
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    • sticky or don't sticky top navigation to the top of your forum (separate option for mobile view)
    • move elements to top navigation: Visitor Tabs only, Search Tab only, Visitor Tabs AND Search tab
    • add up to 10 links to top navigation (title, URL, open in new tab, open in an overlay, link icon)
    • top links can have a drop-down menu with up to 5 custom links
    • option to add custom code to top menu
    • adjustable menu width for each menu separately
    • add an icon for login and register button
    • custom menu (optional you can manually add Mega Menu (DIY tutorial for our customers on our site
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    EXAMPLES in screens

    < visitor tabs and search tab in top navigation >

    ... with a few example links with icons


    Latest updates

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