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    Online Form​

    With DA-FormMaker, you can quickly and easily create
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    that are sent to your e-mail address with a single click. You don’t need deep HTML knowledge and your webspace doesn’t need PHP or CGI scripts! Colors, fields, settings… everything can be configured easily via the program interface. Super fast creation of standard forms with integrated templates and easy integration into your homepage with the installation wizard.

    Special form fields for

    can be created with one click.

    You can define frequently used fields as templates and insert them into forms at any time. The transfer takes place either as HTML e-mail or text e-mail.

    Thanks to the captcha spam protection (transmission of a security code), spam bots cannot misuse your forms for spam purposes.

    Create Web Form​

    A fillable web form is put together simply by selecting the required form fields. The form fields can be arranged in any order; this can also be done side by side as a multi-column online form. Using the export button or directly via FTP upload, the HTML form is created and uploaded for the web project, so that it only needs to be linked or can be integrated via an inline frame. No matter if you use a homepage construction kit like Jimbdo, a
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    like WordPress or a web design software. With our installation wizard you have the right solution.

    Determine by several e-mail addresses who should receive the form data. You can adapt the form design individually to your website. In addition, you can adapt the e-mail for the form data that you and/or the sender of the completed online form receive according to your requirements.

    Super fast creation of forms​

    Everyone who has an internet presence, whether as a company, association or private person, needs an online form. But it can be laborious and time-consuming to create such a form yourself. It is better to use your time for your own product or service.

    In order to still offer visitors of your website an appealing contact possibility, you can create such a form in a few minutes with the DA-FormMaker templates for
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    and integrate it into your website. For all other use cases there are templates from the areas of
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    . The built-in wizard guides you 3 simple steps to the finished, professional web form.

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