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    Download Darkmedia hardcoded ready to rebrand 2021-02-22

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    First open and decompile fully.
    Search for 1234567890
    It is in the spk like this.
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    So search and replace what is needed.
    There is a picture in the post with the exact locations there are three of them.
    Change the app name in strings and recompile
    Then do a simple edit change the icons and don't forget the intro file you have to either replace it or extract the no intro file and replace it with it self and recompile or you will get an error is you don't save that file in properly.
    • Screenshot_20210221-200242_Default Darkmedia.jpg
      Screenshot_20210221-200242_Default Darkmedia.jpg
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      Screenshot_20210221-200205_Default Darkmedia.jpg
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      Screenshot_20210221-200148_Default Darkmedia.jpg
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      Screenshot_20210221-200124_Default Darkmedia.jpg
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