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    DigiMuse was made with passion and hope to be the best music related php script. If you want to build a website to share, upload, sell, suggest or find music DigiMuse can help you. It can be turned into a music streaming/sharing website like Spotify or Soundcloud or it can be an online music store like iTunes or a mixture of everything you like

    Demo Website:
    Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

    Admin Demo: Sign-up in demo site, all users have access to admin UI by default

    Key Features​

    • Page Builder: You can build customized pages using one or all of 10 availabe page widgets. You can customize pages and choose how you want to display your content with no limits
    • Dynamic Content: DigiMuse can automatically import artist/album/track data from third party APIs and find a Youtube music video for each track! You can host thousands of video musics without adding or actually hosting one!
    • Music Store: You or your users who are allowed to, can upload their own songs or albums for sale ( or for free ). Sell your own music or set an author’s fee for artists and make money from their sales
    • Subscription System: Users can get additional access by paying a monthly fee
    • Artist Verification System:Users can request to become a verified-artist. They will get additional access after getting approved by an admin
    • User Groups:You are in total control of users. You can give or revoke users access to player/upload/upgrade/sell/download/report/comment/etc with few simple clicks
    • Menu Builder: You can build different customized menus for users/admins/artists/guests or desktop/mobile
    • Translatable: Every word or paragraph used in website, even title of widgets/pages/links created in Page Builder or Menu Builder can easily be translated
    • Waveforms: App will create a waveform for uploaded tracks ( with or without FFmpeg )
    • Follower System: Users can follow other users to see their activities in user feed
    • Station System: One button, unlimited music. Station button allow your users to listen to their favorite song while DigiMuse find relative songs to play next for them
    • Easy installation: You can install DigiMuse in less that 5 minutes using our magic installer!
    • User Profile: Users have their own profile. You can see user’s activities/uploads/likes/reposts/playlists/followers/followings in their profile
    • Artist Profile: Artists have their own page and you can see their single-albums/studio-albums/featured-in and related-artists in that page
    • Playlists: Users can add tracks/albums/other-playlists into their own playlists. Users may share or download any playlist they like
    • Powerful Player: DigiMuse has a really advanced custom player. It can load self-hosted audios and it can load Youtube-videos for you like a piece of cake
    • Search: Users can search thro artists/tracks/albums. Search results will include Spotify results if its allowed by setting
    • Chunk Upload: App can slice user-selected-files into smaller parts and upload them chunk by chunk for better upload experience
    • Responsive: Everything works great on mobile. Even admin panel

    Latest updates

    1. DigiMuse - Music Streaming Platform v1.122

      v1.122 – 10 April 2022 Fixed the installer problem Version 2 with lots of new features coming soon!

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