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xF2 Add-on VIP [DohTheme] Pi Pro

xF2 Add-on Paid VIP
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Clean design is our way in Pi to expresses pure user experience, made to improve users engaging with the forum makes it much easier because everything is easily visible, enough spaces between every style element, mixing the relaxing white with flat colors comfortable to the eye.

Theme Features List:
  • Google Web font easily configured
  • Sticky Staff tools
  • Sticky category strips
  • Show node stats on hover
  • Optional Glyphs (Navigation-Sidebar-Message ActionBar)
  • And more......

Latest updates

  1. [DohTheme] Pi Pro

    [RE-MI] add-on updated, Now you can upload Node Background Search Node layout enhancements
  2. [DOHTHEME] PI PRO 2.2.5

    Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.5 Update google font URL Minor bugs fixed
  3. Pi Pro v2.2.2

    Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.2 Sticky sidebar option added NEW Welcome message enhancements NEW...
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