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xF2 Add-on
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Today is my 30th birthday and I present you with a gift! My first addon for xF, it's not much but I am very proud of it since it is my first creation since moving over to XenForo less than a week ago!

There are a couple products that offer similar functionality, but none that I was quite looking for and wanting to get straight into developing I decided to just make it.

This will add a donate option to your resources, unlike other products this one was designed specifically for PayPal donate links, although through the options can be adjusted in what ever way you need. I designed this so when a user clicks the donate button, they are presented with a popup window that will load the PayPal donation screen, with the default values set for the size there "should be" no scroll bars, which IMO is the best look.

Here's what it looks like:


Simply follow the steps in the picture above to make a very happy developer =)

Ok back to reality, so how functional is it?
The options present you with a link, and popup option. If there is no link set, the plugin is disabled automatically. You can choose if you want the popup on or off, if disabled the donation window will open in a new tab. I have also added an option to change the size of the popup window, if my default values aren't quite suited for your link.


These options can also be found within the XenForo Resource Manager options.

This is an addon that can make you money, so it should be paid. Aren't there more than enough paid addons though... So if you appreciate this addon feel free to
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