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Download Fluxstore WooCommerce - Flutter E-commerce Full App v1.9.4 v2.0.0

Download Fluxstore WooCommerce v2.0.0 - Flutter E-commerce Full App Nulled Free
Version 2.0.0 – 05 Mar 2021
Last updated: Mar 05, 2021
:: New features
(1) Compatible with new Flutter 2 🚀

(2) Support File Upload for Product Add-ons 🗳

This version support to upload file to product (specially for drug store/ online medicine store, needs to upload prescription).
  • Click this triangle to view screenshots.
  • We also added support for short-description type, heading type in this release.
(3) Support Capture Later for Stripe payment 💳

  • Learn more at Stripe's documentation. This feature is only available for Extended License.
  • Note: To support this feature, please upgrade our new Stripe server source code and deploy it again.
(4) New languages: Poland 🇵🇱, Serbian 🇷🇸, Persian, and updated some previous native languages.
  • Thank you the great Fluxstore community to contribute these languages 🙏
:: Important improvements

This release will only compatible with new Fluxbuilder 1.2.x

⚠ This version brings a huge change to the project structure to compatible with Flutter 2.0

All of your configs need to be defined in lib/env.dart.

Migration guide (only for previous Fluxstore app):

  • We recommend backup your lib/common folder for reference during migration.
  • In case there is some customization from the previous source, please try your best to compare the source as it has a lot of conflicts.
  • If you come from older version than 1.9.4, please also follow below 1.9.4 version migration guide.
  • From the Fluxstore app:
:: Minor bug fixes & UX improvements

Thanks to all for reporting bugs & suggesting features. This release contains many fixes & UX improvements: