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Download How To Xtream-UI Last Offical release v22F 2021-03-01

Changelog for this Release:

  • Now hosting an IP to ISP server to enable ISP support for all users of Xtream UI.
  • Added ISP blocking.
  • Removed remote command legacy API request.
  • Escaped shell commands.
  • Added automatic backups, with auto-delete option.
  • Removed colours from buttons, grouped for better fit.
  • Fixed radio sort in bouquet order.
  • Reworked escaping for POST and GET requests to avoid possible injection.
  • Modified login to increase security when forced to change password by minimum password lenth option.
  • Added alternative scandir option for cloud servers. Found in settings.
  • Added IP validation to block IP page.
  • Added GeoLite2 database version to settings page.
  • Fixed GeoLite2 update for servers that block chattr sudo execution (see below FAQ).
  • Added device lock toggle to MAG edit page.
  • Added mass edit device lock reset, and device lock toggle.
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