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Download LTQ98 - 2 Versions and Panels 2021-04-19


LTQ 98 DNS Panel

Side bar login and center log in

so for the panel apps you want to go to


line 8 is a fake dns i use somelike like
line 63 you need to point this to the panel https://your.url/folder/api/
line 71 same has aboth to the panel https://your.url/folder/api/
line 131 shows a s this needs to be removed so it shows ""

LTQ 98 Hardcoded panel

Side bar login and center log in


line 8 so this is the 1st place for your DNS you need to make this fo it is like
line 63 so this is the 2nd place for your DNS you need to make this fo it is like
line 71 and here is where you point this app to the panel for notifications and app store https://your.url/folder/api/
line 131 on this line it shows nothing it needs to show like this "s"

Panel files

Upload the files for the panel into your host then go to the host and login with username admin password admin
((please change the user and password then))
if it logs you in the panel is working


if you want to get the VPN working you need to download the ovpn file from the vpn you want it working on
then make a php file called openproxy.php only showing the url to the vpn server you wish to connect to upload the
file to hosting can be in same as the panel
point line 120 to the openproxy.php file
i have put a openproxy.php in the vpn folder that is on ipvanish