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Download Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template v8.0.35.0 v8.0.35.0


I run a team of 20 product managers, developers, QA and UX resources. Previously we designed everything ourselves. For our newest platform we tried out Metronic. I can not overestimate the impact Metronic has had. It's accelerated development 3x and reduced QA issues by 50%. If you add up the reduced need for design time/resources, the increase in dev speed and the reduction in QA, it's probably saved us $100,000 on this project alone, and I plan to use it for all platforms moving forward. The flexibility of the design has also allowed us to put out a better looking & working platform and reduced my headaches by 90%. Thank you KeenThemes! Jonathan Bartlett, Metronic Customer

Latest updates

  1. Metronic v8.0.35.0 - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Nulled

    Metronic v8.0.35 - 12 January, 2022 New HTML Bootstrap Tabs Dropdownsintegration - Preview...
  2. Metronic v8.0.34 - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Nulled

    Metronic v8.0.33 + v8.0.34 - 31 December, 2021 New HTML eCommercedashboard - Preview. Store...
  3. Metronic v8.0.32 - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template Nulled

    New HTML Demo 18- Preview. Demo 18 Dark Mode- Preview. Demo 19- Preview. Demo 19 Dark Mode-...

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