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xF2 Add-on
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Hello friends, as you know, xenforo shared a course (LINK), the codes they shared and I created a blog with admin panel support within my knowledge and I offer it to you for free. I am thinking of developing the plugin now, it is a simple structure but it can be used as a blog.

V: 1.2.0 / My updates (Unpublished)
[✓] Admin panel categories section added
[✓] Admin panel categories pages have been edited
[✓] Adding category to blogs in Admin panel.

V: 1.1.1 / Updates I have made
[✓] The link error in the pictures of the blog page has been fixed.
[✓] Link error in Admin panel images has been resolved.

V: 1.1.0 / My updates
[✓] Drafts have been made clear in the admin panel blogs section
[✓] Admin panel drafts section has been added
[✓] Adding images by uploading files while adding blog in admin panel.

V: 1.0.1 / My updates
[✓] Design change in blog and blog detail pages
[✓] Ability to see the existing picture while blogging in admin panel.
[✓] Admin panel can save blogs as drafts.
[✓] Latest blogs widget
[✓] Admin panel manageable individual settings (Blogs are active / inactive, How many blogs will be displayed etc.)

V: 1.0.0 / My updates
[✓] Blog page has been created.
[✓] Header and footer fields have been added to the blog page.
[✓] Blog detail page has been created.
[✓] User and time concepts have been added to the blog detail page.
[✓] Sidebar has been added to blog detail page.
[✓] Header and footer fields have been added to the blog detail page.
[✓] Sharing on social media has been added to the blog detail page.
[✓] Public navigation and staffbar blog shortcuts have been added.
[✓] Admin sidebar blog menu added.
[✓] Admin panel blog list has been added.
[✓] Admin panel blog-adding shortcut has been added.
[✓] Admin panel blog editing has been added.
[✓] Admin panel blog deletion has been added.
[✓] Some words and sentences have been added.

Major updates that I plan to do.
[X] Visibility to user groups.
[X] Commenting on blog detail page
[X] Do not include the texter used by xenfor when adding blog to admin panel.
[X] Admin panel blogs adding category.
[X] Admin panel blogs adding tags.
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