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    xF2 Add-on in Credit [NixFifty] Classifieds 1.2.0

    xF2 Add-on
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    This add-on allows your users to list items for sale and trading. In addition to this, it also offers functionality to monetize these listings.

    A demo board can be seen at
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    • Allow users to create new listings in configurable categories. Custom permissions allow you greater control over who can view a listing.
    • Listing creation that is fully controlled by the permission system.
    • Listings can generate associated discussion threads on creation.
    • Support for multiple and configurable currencies.
    • Packages can be created to charge for listings at varying price points and configure the length of time a listing should be live until it expires.
      • Listings attached to non-free packages will not display until the user has paid.
    • Custom conditions can be created and enabled on a per-category basis.
      • Think "New", "Open box", "Used", etc.
    • Custom listing types can be created and enabled on a per-category basis.
      • Think "For sale", "Wanted", etc.
    • Custom fields are fully integrated within the add-on letting you capture custom data for different categories and display the data in a variety of locations.
    • Locations can be attached to listings, letting you pull in mapping information from Google's APIs.
      • If enabled, locations can be auto-completed using Google's Places API.
      • Location based filtering to find listings close to the user.
    • Grid / List view for listings depending on global option or category specific.
    • Feedback system
      • Will give users ability to rate users they've had a transaction with.
    • Integration with XenForo core functionality.
      • Full support for the purchasable system allowing you to set specific payment profiles for categories and charge a fee for new listings.
      • Support for content tagging.
      • Support for content watching.
      • Support for attachments.
      • Support for inline moderation.
      • Support for moderation queue and moderated listings.
      • Support for reactions.
      • Support for bookmarks.

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