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xF2 Add-on in Credit [OzzModz] TMDb TV Thread Starter for XenForo 2.x 2.2.0 Beta 6 2.2.0 Beta 6

xF2 Add-on
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Compatible XF Versions :
perms.md.png SS07.md.png SS06.md.png SS05.md.png SS04.md.png SS03.md.png SS02.md.png SS01.md.png
  • Optionally makes the new thread title the name of the TV show.
  • Automatically populates the top of the first post with the TV show poster and information.
  • Automatically displays the TV show poster and information in forum thread list.
  • Include TV show episode information in replies.
  • Checks for duplicate TV shows and changes a new thread to a post in existing thread if found.
  • What information is imported into the first post is admin selectable.
  • Ability to search Genre, Creator and Title in forum thread list.
  • Information shown in forum thread list is admin selectable.
  • Choose multiple forums as TV show forums.
  • Award trophy points for starting TV show threads.
  • Create forums to discuss individual TV shows
  • Create forums to discuss TV episodes in TV show forums
  • Images may be stored locally or obtained from The Movie Database.
  • Information import support for any ISO-639-1 language.
Changes from the XF 1 version:
  • Removed BB-Codes from TV posts
  • TV show display in threads in now via a template (allows for immediate forum wide changes).
  • All TV show images are downloaded to your server (allows for immediate change in the event of a problem with other display source).
  • TV show plot automatically shown in thread preview (no longer an option).
  • TV show title is always used as thread title (unless new thread is a regular thread).
  • Users can change their rating at any time.
  • Season sort option is now immediate when changed
  • Removed network limit option
Additions not in the XF 1.x version:
  • In place editing of TV shows
  • Edit episode permission
  • Edit TV show permission

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