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    The BEST radio application that everyone expects, very LIGHT, BEAUTIFUL and FAST.
    What are you waiting for? Download the app and start listening to your favorite station immediately, without first seeing
    any annoying ads! Discover the whole world of radio in one app.
    Radio World is an app to play Internet Radio stations. Radio FM allows you to listen and enjoy variety of genres like
    classical, rock, pop, instrumental, hip-hop, gospel, songs, music, talks, news, comedy, shows, concerts and other
    variety of programs made available by various Internet Radio Broadcasters across the world.
    Featuring the world’s largest library of live, on-demand and original audio at your fingertips, hear what matters most to
    you, discover new moments that move you.
    Find your favorite stations faster, in our new app design. Control your listening more easily, with our expanding play bar.
    Discover new sounds, stations and shows – and see at-a-glance when new episodes are available.
    It’s perfect for live World Cup football, Premier League football, Ashes cricket, Wimbledon tennis, F1 at the weekend,
    Festivals over the summer, and Christmas radio stations.
    The best radio player to listen to your favorite online stations. Let’s tune in radio with an easy to use interface and smooth
    and pleasant handling.

    Have at your disposal all the music, news, sports, talk shows and everything you want to hear with a single click. Digital
    radio and Dab radio is also available on our platform!
    You can listen to internet radio offering Pop, Rock, Decades, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Classical, Country, Blues and
    even Christmas music. Keep up with the news and enjoy real radio!
    Many radio apps can be too complex when you’re just trying to get a station to play. With Simple Radio, that’s a thing of
    the past.
    ● listen to radio in background while using other apps
    ● Categorical search: genre, topic, city, country
    ● You can listen to FM radio even if you are abroad
    ● Find out which song is currently playing on the radio (depending on the station)
    ● The interface is really easy to use, with just one click you can add a radio station or podcast to your favorites list
    ● Use the search tool to easily find what you’re looking for
    ● Set an alarm to wake up with the FM radio station you love
    ● Don’t need to connect the headphones, listen through the smartphone’s loudspeakers
    ● Share with friends via Social Media, SMS or Email
    ● Add to Favorites (Favorite List)
    ● ALARM CLOCK (Auto ON)
    ● Set an Alarm for your favorite Radio
    ● News bulletin or the Talk show or Music DJ or RJ Program that you love
    ● Easy to user ever for first time Radio FM app users
    ● Google recommended New Material Design features
    ● Quick swap/ Navigation between Favorite List, Countries List, Alarm lists
    ● Modern design to display the stations listing
    ● Radio Stations listing enhanced with Radio Broadcaster’s logos as provided
    ● Full Radio player to display title information about currently tuned in station in full screen
    ● Fast Notification control to stop/start radio stream from home screen
    ● Countries list visible with flag of the country
    ● Chromecast and Chromecast Audio support.
    ● Simple interface, easy to use and convenient for even first time users.
    ● With sharing function, you can easily share this wonderful app with your friends.
    ● Your favorite stations can be added to Favorites, enabling your later listening to be easier
    ● Equalizer with profiles
    ● Clear & HD Quality Sound
    ● Easy Radio List & No Buffering
    ● Quick Playing & Easy Volume Control
    ● Smooth Interface & Very Easy to Use
    ● Live Listen from Anywhere of The World
    ● High quality songs and 1080p HD quality music videos.
    ● Pause and rewind live radio
    ● choose amongst sports, news, music, comedy and more;
    ● Music: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, Rap, Blues, Country, Jazz, Classical & more.
    ● Sports: NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, MLS Soccer, NHL Hockey, Nascar & more
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