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RadioBOSS 6.0.5​

What's new:
  • Improved the quality of track selection when Track List is used
  • Music Library: repeat protection rules test tool (Tools menu)
  • Video playback improved (plugin can be installed from Settings->Video)
  • Web browser updated to use the release version of Microsoft Edge
  • Playback Queue: double click in the list to show the queued track in the playlist
  • Files dragged from Windows Explorer are now sorted alphabetically
  • Added View->Show Video Window command to show the video window
  • Playlist Generator: fixed repeat protection did not work for artists with short artist names
  • Fixed: setting End point in Track Tool for playing track did not work sometimes
  • Fixed: wrong scheduled events queue in the playlist under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: sometimes wrong playlist tab was selected at startup
  • Fixed: scheduled events list filter was not updated properly sometimes
  • Fixed: additional zone was minimized when RadioBOSS was minimized
  • Fixed: dragged files from Windows Explorer were inserted at the wrong position simetimes
  • Fixed occasional crash on startup and on zones resize
  • Fixed Last Track was not displayed sometimes
  • Fixed: sometimes next track title was incorrect when Track List was used
  • Fixed: line input streaming title and artwork was not sent sometimes
  • Fixed: line input tag could not be edited
  • Fixed: additional information from APEv2 tag was not read properly sometimes
  • Report Generator: fixed incorrect duration reported for some tracks
  • Improved Shuffle mode in playlist
  • UI improvements
  • Added 64-bit edition

If the link is down please let me know to repair it, enjoy the program.

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