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RadioBOSS Advanced is a program for automating the broadcast of radio stations, clubs, discos, casinos, shops, cinemas. The broad capabilities of the program allow you to use it wherever you need music. The program can run for months without human intervention.

The built-in format transcoder, CD grabber, music database, playlist generator, schedule, auto volume control, crossfades and many other features make this program a very useful tool for managing your music collection. A simple and user-friendly interface will allow you to start working immediately after starting the program.


RadioBOSS is divided into 3 modules:
Player - the main part of the work is done in it: launching and editing playlists, working with a schedule, setting up effects, and much more.
Musical Database - scans the disk for music files, saves the list to the database. Provides quick search by any field, bulk tag editor, sorting, statistics, filter, etc.
Playlist Generator - automatic generator of playlists by template. You set the parameters - the desired duration of the playlist, the method of generation, the presence of advertising, the time of its release, hourly space, jingles, rotations ... The result is a ready-made playlist that can be immediately launched on the air.

Key features:
• Support for mp3, wma, wav, ogg, CD audio
• Plugins to support other file formats (AAC, FLAC, ...)
• 10 customizable file types (mix parameters, change the sound level)
• Ability to create Internet radio
• Streaming audio playback (HTTP, FTP and MMS protocols)
• Automatic update data about the playing track (copying the file to FTP and / or HTTP request; text or XML format)
• Automatic generation of playlists by template
• Schedule (scheduler) with support for commands
• Creation of detailed reports on what and when played (CSV format)
• Indexed song database and fast search within it
• Increase the level of ads and announcements
• Simultaneous work with two playlists
• Using the capabilities of multichannel cards (4.0, 5.1, 7.1, etc.)
• Support for relaying
• Voice track function
• Built-in effects: echo, reverb, flanger, tempo, pitch
• 12-band equalizer
• Support for smooth transitions (crossfades) between tracks
• Support for WinAMP and DirectX plugins (via AdaptX)
• Automatic volume control - all files are played at the same volume
• Cut off silence at the beginning and end of the file
• 2 independent outputs: stereo split; division by channel on multichannel maps; use of two sound cards
• Color indication in the playlist (selection of tracks by type)
• File transcoder (mp3-> wma etc ...)
• CD grabber
• Support for profiles (individual settings for each user)
• Tag editor for all types of files
• Comments - you can add a comment to each track
• Function "playlist in playlist"

• Multifunctional program for sounding rooms and playing videos. Supported playback of all formats of audio and video files, playback of streaming audio. It is possible to use multichannel cards for sounding several rooms from one computer. Working with Winamp and DirectX plugins, automatic crossfades, effects.
• The program is suitable for creating radio stations, both Internet and FM / AM. There is a retransmission option. Multifunctional scheduler provides automatic generation of playlists for various templates; launch ads, announcements, any tracks and playlists at a specified time. It is possible to set a higher volume level for announcements. Convenient microphone and line-in control.
• Built-in client for Shoutcast / Icecast servers allows you to start broadcasting without using third-party plugins. Broadcasting can be carried out simultaneously on several servers in various formats. Information about the track being played is transmitted to the site.
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