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Whmcs VIP Sendy Newsletter Integration for WHMCS v2.7 v2.7

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  • This addon Subscribe, Update and Unsubscribe WHMCS Clients to your
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    ) Lists.

    Main Functions
    - You can associate each and every WHMCS Client Group you have to Specific Sendy Lists
    - Optionally, you can Unsubscribe client from Sendy on WHMCS Client Deletion
    - In case client updates his/her Email, you have an option to unsubscribe previous email
    - If you update your client's client group, there is an option to Unsubscribe him/her from Previous associated Sendy List

    Sync Functions
    - New client place an order and opt-in to marketing emails (GDPR) -> Subscribe to Sendy
    - Client register -> Subscribe to Sendy
    - Admin add a new client -> Subscribe to Sendy
    - Client update his/her Name, Surname or Email from Client Area -> Sync changes to Sendy
    - Admin update client's Name, Surname or Email from Admin Area -> Sync changes to Sendy
    - Client Opt-out Marketing Emails -> Unsubscribe from Sendy
    - Admin delete client's account -> Unsubscribe from Sendy (optional)
    - Client Unsubscribe from Sendy's Unsubscription URL -> Opt-out Marketing Emails from WHMCS
  • Compatible with WHMCS 6.x / 7.x

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