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xF2 Add-on
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Compatible XF Versions :
2.0, 2.1
Decide for yourself and effectively which content is indexed from the search engine. This happens either automatically or manually.
There are extensive rules in the forum preferences.

When creating a thread, you can immediately influence the "noindex","index","nofollow" and "follow" Robot Meta specifications.



  • Robot Index global for all Threads in the Forum
  • Robot Follow global for all Threadsin the Forum
  • Robot Index for single threads
  • Robot Follow for single threads
  • Thread Title lower case option
  • Extra Meta Title
  • Extra Meta Description
  • Change Canonical URL
  • Choose free order of thread title (Prefix/ThreadTitle) with Sperator
  • With this variables %thread_title% %prefix_title% %forum_title% %board_title% %page_no%
  • Google News-Sitemap: (http://boardUrl.tld/googlenews.xml)
  • Change Twitter:Card Type
  • Change Description length
  • Extra Meta Title
  • Extra Meta Description
  • Robot Index
  • Robot Follow
Extensive Forum settings:
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for threads with fewer X words
    • Only on the first page of a thread
    • In all posts of a thread
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for threads whose posts have no attachments
    • Only in the first post
    • In no post in a thread
  • NoIndex/NoFollow always from page x
  • NoIndex/NoFollow at a thread age of X days
  • NoIndex/NoFollow after X days since last post
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for threads that have a specific prefix
  • NoIndex/NoFollow based onThread Views
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for Thread with zero reply after X Days
  • Extra Meta Title
  • Extra Meta Description
Member page:
  • Robot Index
  • Robot Follow
  • Robot Index
  • Robot Follow
  • Extra Meta Title
  • Extra Meta Description
  • Change Canonical URL
Extensive settings:
  • Change Canonical URL for Threads and RM
Other Pages:
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for Help-Pages
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for What's New Pages
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for What's Profil Pages
  • NoIndex/NoFollow for Login/Register Pages
  • Meta Description for Login/Register Pages
OG:Images for:
  • Threads per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
  • Foren per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
  • Categories per Direkt Imagelink or Upload
  • og:image (url or upload) for threads
  • og:image (url or upload) for foren
  • og:image (url or upload) for categories ("Create pages for categories" must active)
  • OG:image from First Post by Attachment
  • OG:image from First Post by IMG bbCode
  • OG:image from Avatar
Extra SEO for Images:
  • set ALT / Title for Images automatically* or manually
  • remove noIndex Threads from the Sitemap
  • remove noIndex Ressources from the Sitemap
  • Seo Tools
  • Remove User/Avatar Links for Guest
  • Minify HTML
  • and many more...
*Automatically: the following variables are available:
{threadtitle}, {forumtitle}, {username}, {postdate}, {posttime}, {boardtitle}, {postid}, {threadid}, {filename}, {threaddate}, {threadtime}
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Latest updates

  1. SEO (SEO2) 2.3.0 Beta 6

    2.3.0 Beta 6

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