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    xF2 Add-on
    • Minor update - adjust some sanity checking to try and avoid API errors from SparkPost
    add composer dependency of "symfony/translation": "^5.0" (used by nesbot/carbon) to avoid installing v6.0 which breaks compatibility with older versions installed by other addons
    * bugfix: strip uri prefix returned in uri from paged responses

    I suspect this is actually a bug in the Sparkpost API provided by the vendor - but I would need to do further tests to verify this. Either way, I've coded a workaround which should hopefully work.

    NOTE: this release is identical to the previous version uploaded. I accidentally entered the wrong version number (v2.2.1) into resource manager when uploading the previous version - but the download is actually v2.1.1. If you have already downloaded v2.1.1 you do not need to download this version.
    • required parameter specified after optional parameter in SubContainer/SparkPost::logJobProgress - reorder function parameters to make this more usable
    • required parameter specified after optional parameter in Test/AbstractTest::message - just make them both required
    • explicitly list "egulias/email-validator": "^2.0" as a requirement so that we don't run into problems with the version shipped with XenForo
    Important: if you also run my
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    - you must update that to the new v2.1.0 release before updating this addon (or as soon as you can after updating this one).
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