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xF2 Add-on in Credit [Stylesfactory] ClanZ Dark 2.2.12a 2.2.12a

xF2 Add-on
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ClanZ style is mostly for gaming communities but with some small edits it can fit every need!

You can:
  • set background for node
  • set icons for each forum
  • set big content display panel with highlights
  • set logo
  • set welcome message
  • set announcement
  • set custom footer with 4 blocks
  • set 2 or 3 forum nodes in one row
Other features:
  • responsive design
  • support for font awesome icons
  • support for SVG icons
  • support for sprite icons
  • fast installation
  • unique avatar styling
  • great border hover effects

Latest updates

  1. [Stylesfactory] ClanZ Dark 2.2.12a

    Slider improvements small fixes for SFCore compatibility small fixes for SFCoreExtended...
  2. [Stylesfactory] ClanZ Dark 2.2.11

    Implemented latest functionalities from SFCore better collapsing elements sticky sidebar as...
  3. [Stylesfactory] ClanZ Dark

    CHANGES SFCORE: fixed files directiories changed permissions settings for announcements preview...
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