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    Download Teethoc – Dental Instruments Magento Theme 2020-12-29

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    Teethoc Magento Theme is a fully responsive website template designed for dentistry clinics, dental instruments and other medical supplies stores. The theme comes packed with many useful features. Use the slider and banners to bring your most important content to the front. The 2 columns layout and side-menu make the design outstanding and unique.

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    This Medicine Magento design is Search Engine Friendly​

    What is it?
    Search Engine Friendly templates were crafted to bring in internet consumers and google search crawlers to your website page.
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    Search Engine Optimized templates help to boost your website rank in internet search final results.
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    This Emergency Medicine Magento theme is Retina Ready​

    What is it?
    Retina ready displays deliver great pixel density which can cause the superb excellence of the visible website content business presentation on last-generation devices.
    Why is it Good?
    Apple gadgets were initial to own Retina screens, but yet at this point their rivals make use of that technology too. Numerous tablets and handsets have Retina screens, if you would like your web page to seem perfect for almost every user - you must have a Retina-ready template.
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    This Medical Center Magento design template is Responsive​

    What is it?
    This is basically the capability of the layout to transform according to the width of the screen.
    Why is it Good?
    Considering the growing popularity of smartphones, the amount of individuals who log on to the websites from phones has increased a lot. This sort of aspect lets you adjust websites to mobile devices and a variety of screen extensions, eventually supplying smartphone consumers with enhanced opportunities.
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    This is First Aid Magento design with Sample Data Installer​

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    Sample Data Installer is a module created for themes and templates. It lets uploading images, categories, configurations, and others with just a couple of clicks.
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    Sample Data Installer eliminates manual customization, so helping you save much time. You can use the module with any WordPress template provided at TemplateMonster marketplace.
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