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xF2 Add-on in Credit [TH] Ignore More 2.1.2 Patch Level 1

xF2 Add-on
Ignore More
Let your users remove content from their view by ignoring forums or threads.

You can install this add-on by using [TH] Install and Upgrade, installing it manually, or ZIP Upload (XenForo 2.1. and higher).

  • Add a 'Show ignored content' link when content has been hidden on the news feed and latest activity pages, allowing the ignored content to be revealed
  • Allow users to choose to ignore or unignore the threads or forums in the news feed, thread list, and forum list
  • Users can see what they are ignoring within their account area
  • Have links prefixed with "th-ignoremore-" if the “Use full friendly URLs” option is disabled to potentially help with conflicting add-ons
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Latest updates

  1. [TH] Ignore More 2.1.2 Patch Level 1

    Changes: Added functionality that prevents ignoring of own content. Added functionality that...