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Download Vik Booking v.1.13 + Modules and Plugins 2021-01-11

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Vik Booking Official Documentation

VERSION 1.12FIRST SETUPBasic Configuration

In order to configure the Booking Engine in the front-end, these are the steps you should follow to have a basic configuration of a room:

  1. Create one Tax Rate
  2. Create one Type of Price
  3. Create one Room
  4. Enter the costs per night from the Rates Table
  5. Add a new Joomla Menu Item of type VikBooking – Search Form or Rooms List for the front-end
By following the 5 steps above, the system will allow bookings in the front-end. Then you can create some Characteristics, some Options and you can apply Tourist Taxes and configure the pricing for your various seasons.
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