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    Download VipsPM - Project Management Suite v2.1

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    Download VipsPM - Project Management Suite Nulled Free ThemeForest 25335792 Thanks To @iflexure
    VipsPM – Project Management Suite
    is a web-based project management suite. VipsPM is a perfect tool to fulfill all your project management needs. VipsPM is a modern tool built with the latest technologies like Angular 8(Front-end), Laravel 5.7(Back-end), PHP & MySQL database. The Angular CLI makes it easy to maintain this application that already works, right out of the box. It includes 7 Transparent, 7 gradients, Dark Theme Layout, unlimited custom menu color options, and 3 different sizes with organized folder structure, clean & commented code.

    VipsPM comes with AOT and Lazy Loading. With AOT, the browser downloads a pre-compiled version of the application. The browser loads executable code so it can render the application immediately, without waiting to compile the app first. With Lazy Loading, it allows you to load JavaScript components asynchronously when a specific route is activated.

    Unique Features
    • Slack Integration
    • PayPal Payment Gateway
    • Stripe Payment Gateway
    • ngx-bootstrap
    • Lazy loading
    • Nested Routing
    • Modern menu
    • Collapsed menu
    • Dark Theme Layout
    • 7 gradient sidebar Layout
    • 7 Transparent sidebar Layout
    • Unlimited Solid color sidebar Layout
    • Menu with background image
    • Angular Full Calendar
    • Angular Data Tables
    • Integrated 3 Icon sets
    • Gradient Color Schemes
    • Unlimited Solid Color Schemes
    • Useful helper classes
    • Organized Folder Structure
    • SASS Support
    • Cross Browser Compatibility
    • Mobile compatible.
    • Creative Layout
    • Clean and Professional Code
    • Easy to Customize
    • Detailed Documentation
    • Reports: Projects, tasks, defects, incidents
    • API Integration
    • Timer: tasks, defects, incidents
    • & much more…
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