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So I figured I'd just post a knock off of Netflix too. But mine is Cinema instead of ? oh but I had to make my point and make this a cool so the twist is this is VodFlix Cinema Pro with a panel for authorization and a deployment of a PREMIUMIZE API KEY ? very cool giving you one more tool in the bag you can monetize and that's always good.

So like my usual files search for 1234567890
You will find two
Replace with the url to your server and the folder where the panel is leave the /api/ on the end.
There is a picture in the zip file to tell you the to places you need to change.
So I hope everyone enjoys.
Thanks goes out to well people that leave things laying around out there on the web for others to pickup.
  • Screenshot_20210304-023929_VodFlix Cinema Pro.jpg
    Screenshot_20210304-023929_VodFlix Cinema Pro.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210304-024005_VodFlix Cinema Pro.jpg
    Screenshot_20210304-024005_VodFlix Cinema Pro.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210304-023958_VodFlix Cinema Pro.jpg
    Screenshot_20210304-023958_VodFlix Cinema Pro.jpg
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