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Download W10Privacy version + Portable

W10Privacy can display standard Windows 10 security settings that can be activated as well as deactivated within the program. It prevents Windows from tracking user browsing habits and many other types of information by merely disabling the settings user do not want. Privacy is vital for all persons since nobody likes to have their movements tracked every step of the way. The same goes for computer users, no matter the operating system they are working on.

W10Privacy is one of the many specialized applications that focus on removing all tracking elements from a user's PC, even if the user is not a tech-savvy user. The utility comes with a user-friendly graphic interface, and all its available functions are neatly organized into tabs, each featuring a relevant title. Moreover, W10Privacy is a portable solution, which means that the user does not need to install it on the PC to enjoy its feature-set. Despite its name, , it can also be used on Windows 8.1 computers without any issues.

Users can start by disabling location details about their device, turn off SmartScreen Filter or prevent programs from using advertising ID for experiences across apps. Additionally, users can stop other software utilities from accessing user calendar entries, messages, account info (such as name or picture), or radio stations. W10Privacy can also help users disable speech recognition or the option to display the password while also preventing the camera from being used on the lock screen. When it comes to blocking telemetry and data collection, user set this application to block IP addresses of known Microsoft telemetry servers through the HOSTS file or firewall rules.

Edge is the new default browser of Windows 10, and the user can alter some of its options to protect online privacy. As such, users can disable saving passwords or form entries, block third-party cookies, or prevent SmartScreen Filter from protecting against suspicious downloads and websites. OneDrive can be stopped from running at startup, and it can also be removed from the File Explorer sidebar.

How to use it:
While the design is effortless, there are also three colors to spot the three main settings easily:
  1. Green - Recommended is a conservative mode;
  2. Yellow - Conditionally recommended - probably the best bet but looked over the choices;
  3. Red - Restricted - think of this as geek mode. Better know what the user is doing. Must Run as administrator.
System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows® Windows® 10.

Install notes:
1. Run the executable file;
2. Enjoy!
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