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Whmcs in Credit WHMCS Cart & Order Pages – One Page Checkout v4.2 Rev 7 v4.2 Rev 7

Whmcs in Credit
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The single most factor behind WP-WHMCS integration efforts is, and will always be giving users a better ordering experience. It is how visitors are converted to customers.

WHMCS Cart & Order Pages (WCOP) has beautifully designed order pages & cart, which are feature-rich, user-friendly and functional.

Other than standard WHMCS order pages/forms, WCOP WCOP offers Single page checkout This one-page order form is a perfect solution if you want to if you ane to offer one-page checkout to your customers.

Please visit this fully operational live demo site to see it in action.

With WCOP your users will be able to
1- Place the order on your WordPress site including product/domain configuration,2- Add multiple products to cart while browsing your WordPress site, An authentic shopping experience3- Manage current order through shopping cart visible throughout the site.
OnePage Checkout Features
WHMCS Single Page Order Form offers a simple & quick yet extremely flexible checkout process

1. Optional top navigation allows the user to switch between different steps on the same page.

2. Two templates to choose from

3. Hide sections unwanted sections to keep the order process slick and clean. You can hide Products section, Additional Services/ Add-ons, Hide Promo code etc.

4. You can show only specific groups or products

Why Webhosting Companies Need Integration?

Problem: When you use WHMCS with WP, your products on sales pages in WP are linked to WHMCS individually. When a user clicks buy button, the user is redirected to WHMCS.

It leads to a situation where
User buys product from WP but configures in WHMCS
User buys first product in WP, but rest in WHMCS
As a result, the buyer feels uncomfortable in switching systems, and it is less likely to convert customers.

Solution:- Provide customers with a more consistent experience using WHMPress + WCOP and sell more.
- Use single age order form or offer quick checkout & convert more visitors into customers.
“WHMCS Cart & Order Pages – WCOP” works with or without WHMpress.

Note: 1. The plugin requires WHMPress Helper (A WHMCS Addon Module) to be installed in WHMCS. WHMPress helper is not part of the WordPress Plugin. 2. If you are using a Tokenized Payment gateway, you will not be able to save customers billing information during the order. The customer will be taken to invoice page, where he will pay (just like third-party gateways).

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