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    Whmcs VIP WHMCS TeamSpeak3 Module v6.0.1 v6.0.1

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    This is an admin and provisioning addon for WHMCS that allows you to sell Teamspeak 3 servers to your clients. Teamspeak is a VoIP software designed with security in mind, featuring crystal clear voice quality, endless customization options, and scalabilty up to thousands of simultaneous users ( teamspeak.com).

    • Automatic provisioning.
    • Automatic suspend/terminate on invoice overdue.
    • Server reinstall from admin and client area.
    • Edit server settings from client area.
    • Manage admin tokens from client area.
    • Create snapshots from client area.
    • Teamspeak server management from admin and client area.
    • Ability to customize your client area template ( html ).
    • Support multiple Teamspeak servers.
    • Html viewer code for your client websites.
    • Custom TSDNS server support (
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    • TSDNS zone management from admin addon.
    • Security permissions scanner from admin addon.
    • Cloudflare support.
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    Latest updates

    1. WHMCS TeamSpeak3 Module v6.0.1

      WHMCS TeamSpeak3 Module v6.0.1

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