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Download WooCommerce Stripe Gateway v5.3.0 v5.3.0

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*** Changelog ***
= 5.1.0 - 2021-04-07 =
* Fix - Don't attempt to submit level 3 data for non-US merchants.
* Fix - Pass customer language/locale to Stripe upon creation or modification.
* Fix - Hide Payment Request Buttons when guest checkout is disabled.
* Fix - Match Payment Request states with WooCommerce states.
WooCommerce’s user-friendly checkout plus Stripe’s secure payment processing– What could be better?

Your customer gets all the best of Stripe without ever leaving your website!

All plugins offered on this site are unaltered files that are downloaded directly from their respective developers. Licenses are sold by the original author for add-on services like support and automatic updates which we don’t offer at these low prices. We do offer access to updates for 12 months, which you can apply manually.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway
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