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  • [XenConcept] User Activity 2.2.2

    xF2 Add-on in Credit [XenConcept] User Activity 2.2.2 2.2.2

    xF2 Add-on
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    This add-on allows you to see who read the threads, number of visitor members in the forums, and visitors / members who navigate in the threads.

    Feature Summary
    • Multi options
    • Usergroup permission
    • Count reader each threads
    • Count viewers each threads
    • Count viewers each forums
    • Multi positions
    This add-on uses very little performance.

    We have included three positions :
    • Above pageNav
    • Below quick reply
    • Above quick Reply

    We included 4 permissions :
    • Can view viewers own threads
    • Can view viewers all threads
    • Can view readers own threads
    • Can view readers all threads

    2 type of user view is available:
    • Username (Rich)
    • Avatar


    Viewing thread options :
    • Enable
    • Block title (Simple to edit)
    • Viewing thread position
    • How to display the users
    viewing_thread_username_only (1).png


    Guests included !

    Read thread options :
    • Enable
    • Block title (Simple to edit)
    • Read thread position
    • How to display the users
    • Exclude user banned
    • Display days
    • Readers limit

    He option "Readers limit" limits the display of readers. This will create a "Show All" link to see all the readers in an overlay.

    Please, Log in or Register to view spoiler content!

    Viewing forum options :
    • Enable


    Guests included !

    The add-on replaces "Who Read This Thread".

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