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xF2 Add-on VIP [Xenfocus] illuminate (dark) 2.2.12 2.2.12

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illuminate (dark) by xenfocus

illuminate (dark) is a minimal, modern theme for xenforo 2. A compact header neatly contains your logo, navigation, a fluid search bar and user icons - while your main content is placed on a simple, dark background for easy reading (especially in dark environments or at night time)! Categories can be styled with their own unique colour scheme which is especially great for sports teams, brands, games or movies.
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Latest updates

  1. [Xenfocus] illuminate (dark) 2.2.12

    Upgraded for Xenforo 2.2.12. Fixed a Turkish language string in the guest message. Added...
  2. [Xenfocus] illuminate (dark) 2.2.9

    [Xenfocus] illuminate (dark) Update 2.2.9
  3. 2.2.6

    There is no explanation to offer
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