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xF2 Add-on
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[XenGenTr] Global forum icons Now one by one icon bread, no more editing code writing problem! The plug-in task is to add font awesome icons to major fields in the forum. You can close or change these icons completely or individually according to the area they are located. You will understand better what I am saying with screen shots.

Plug-in features; Nav TAB adds icons to buttons. Adds icons to all widget header text. Controls forum and sub forum icons. Adds icons to all visitor menu tabs. Users add mostly message, likes, etc. blocks and widget icons in the field. User Account details page adds icons to the sidenav field. Adds icons to the Register and Login buttons. Adds icons to topic / reply buttons.

The plugin is completely designed for the default theme. In rare cases, it may not give results as desired in some themes. If you manually added icons, remove your codes. Plugin installation; Step Pull the attached file Step Put the contents of the folder named UPLOAD in FTP into folders with the same name.

Step Find plugin in Adminpc >> Extensions >> field >> Install via Install button


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  1. [XenGenTr] Global forum icons 1.0.7

    1.0.7 Update content; Added all conversations tab icon in user menu. Added last 24 hours...
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